Chloe Lowery - Crying | How Could You - Official Video

Crying | How Could You – Official Video Launch

Thank you all for the love and support over my first debut music video!

If you pledged to my PledgeMusic campaign, you’ve already seen this glimpse into this very personal record of mine!

Many of you have been inquiring as to the context of my new record I’m producing, and like any very honest and truthful artist, I will never tell. Part of artistry is allowing the listeners to relate or make up their own dialogue to the music so that it can resonate with them. This record is certainly a vehicle for me to navigate through a rough time, but truly became an exploration into who I am and remembering my voice.

This is all I will say for now… I can only hope my journey may help a few of you through yours. This is only the beginning, and your support is making this dream of mine possible. I am very grateful! Please spread the word! Subscribe to my YouTube channel where I’ll be posting little websides so you can get to know me better… JUST CHLOE!

Love you all – Chloe

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