Shiny Toy Offical Music Video Released!

from The In Between (Album Release Date 4 | 19 | 19)

Written by: Chloe Lowery and Travis Laws
Produced by: Travis Laws and Chloe Lowery
Electric guitar: Randy Miller
Acoustic guitar: Georgios Pesios
Violin/Viola: Asha Mevlana
All other instrumentation and programming: Travis Laws
Mixed by: Georgios Pesios at CBL Studio, Brooklyn NY
Mastered by: Joe Hutchinson at Garage Masters, Nashville TN

Production Company: Digital Spark Studios
Director: Joshua Hieber
Producer: M2M Entertainment – Maggie Seidel-Laws
Executive Producer: Shea Hughes

Shiny Toy available now on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music and more

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